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Do you feel as though your basement serves very little purpose? If so, perhaps you may be interested in a basement renovation. A basement can seem like a nuisance, or an unworkable space simply because of structural problems. Flores Design and construction can easily help you transform your unused space into an additional storing, entertaining, laundry room or living space.


Make use of the space in your home by including your basement and making it a space that tailors to your needs!

Our team consist of well training individuals who love the work they do and are dedicated to transforming homes. You can feel confident and at ease knowing we will do our best to give you results you love.


At Flores Design and Construction, we work with the best subcontractors for the services we cannot provide, such as Plumbing and electrical. Like every service we provide, this also includes quotes, so you always know what to expect. If you’re concerned about the beginning state of your basement don’t be. Working together, we will be able to create something great!            

With our experience in construction, we guarantee a deadline with work sight maintenance. Call us or email is today for a free consultation.

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